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How Parents Can Ease The Stress Of A Child's IV Insertion

Having a sick child can be difficult for a parent. You must rely on the skill and expertise of medical professionals to provide your child with the treatment that he or she needs to recover, but these treatments can be traumatic for a young child who doesn't understand why he or she is being poked and prodded. Needles can be especially frightening for many children so starting an IV line is something that should be done with caution.

Here are three things that you can do as a parent to help ease the stress of your child's IV insertion in the future.

1. Make every effort to distract your child during the insertion.

If you are able to divert your child's attention while the nurse inserts an IV line, then your child will be less likely to experience fear and stress during the procedure. Relying on technology can be a simple and effective way to capture your child's attention.

Before the nurse arrives to begin the IV insertion, involve your child in a game of television show. This will ensure that your child is entertained when the nurse arrives, reducing the likelihood that he or she will express too much interest in the IV insertion process.

2. Ask the nurse to insert the IV in a separate room.

Having to spend time in the hospital can be challenging for a young child. In order to help you child feel more at ease, you should strive to create a safe space within his or her hospital room.

By asking the nurse to remove your child from his or her room in order to insert an IV, you guarantee that the hospital room remains a place where you child can feel safe and secure. Most nurses are happy to take your child into a separate room when inserting an IV if you feel that this decision will help ease the stress of your child during the procedure.

3. Let your child know what to expect in advance.

Children are able to understand a lot more than they are given credit for. If you feel like your child is old enough to understand why he or she needs an IV, then you should explain the procedure to him or her in order to remove the mystery behind it.

When your child knows the importance of the IV and what to expect during the insertion, he or she is better prepared to cope with the stresses associated with an IV insertion.

Finding ways to help ease the stress of your child's IV insertion can make his or her next hospital stay at a place like Kitsap Children's Clinic LLP a more pleasant one.