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Hello, my name is Tony Williams. Welcome to my site about health concerns. When I was a young child, I was rather sickly. I was in and out of the hospital on a regular basis, as doctors tried to diagnose the conditions affecting my body and mind. Through the years, I learned an immense amount of information about the medical field. I will use this site to explore health concerns and their treatment options in great detail. I invite you to learn more about this important topic, so you are prepared well before the information is needed. Thank you for visiting my site.

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Why You Should Consider Nanoknife Surgery If It Is Offered

When you hear you have cancer, your mind may automatically go to the idea of chemo treatments. After you think about that, you may think about the surgeries that are connected to the various types of cancer as well. One thing you may not think about is a surgery known as NanoKnife surgery. Though the name of the surgery may sound a bit off putting, the benefits are far reaching and appealing to many patients. Here are a just a few of the top reasons you should consider NanoKnife surgery if it is offered to you.

Open Wounds and Healing

One of the first things people think of when they hear surgery and knife are wounds that need to heal or being cut open and having to heal from that cut. This is not a concern with a NanoKnife procedure. The NanoKnife surgery leaves no open cuts or wounds because it does not actually cut the skin. It uses electrical currents to cut and break up the cancer tumor. This may have to be done several times to remove the cancer. The healing time required for a NanoKnife surgery is much less than that of someone going through traditional surgery procedures. This is due primarily to the reduced amount of tissue damage and incisions that are being made to the body.

Pain Following the Surgery

A huge concern for many people going through surgery for cancer related issues is the pain that will follow that surgery. With a NanoKnife surgery, the pain is greatly reduced. Since there is no real cutting, you do not have to worry about pain from wounds left from the surgery. Another pain causing aspect of most cancer surgeries are the stitches left from the incisions as well as the damage to the surrounding tissue and muscle groups from the incisions. None of this is a factor with NanoKnife since it only uses the electrical pulses during the surgery. You may feel some minor soreness, in some cases similar to that of an intense workout or run, but the pain normally associated with surgeries is not a concern.

Reduced Pain Killers and Chemicals

One of the reasons that many people dislike surgery, aside from the pain, are the medications and chemicals that are used following the surgery to get through that pain. The NanoKnife surgery is considered non-invasive. This means that the pain following the surgery is very minor, and so is the use of pain medications. If you are worried about the chemicals in the pain medications, being given too many pain medications, or the medications interacting with other medications you are currently taking, then set that worry aside. In most cases, patients are not given prescription pain medications and can handle using just an over-the-counter version on an as-needed basis.

These are only three of the main reasons you should consider NanoKnife surgery if it is available and offered to you. You will need to check with your health insurance to ensure that each part of the process is covered in order to prepare for possible out of pocket expenses or delays in getting the surgery appointment and proper referrals.  Visit a clinic like ATLAS ONCOLOGY to learn more.