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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Knees After A Chiropractic Adjustment

While often synonymous with spine adjustments, your chiropractor can also help you address discomfort in other areas of your body. If you're suffering from knee pain, for example, chiropractic adjustments in this region may be beneficial. After you've seen a chiropractor for one or more adjustments to your knees, you want to do all that you can to keep the pain from coming back. Your chiropractor will be able to give you some suggestions on how to accomplish this goal, including exercises on which you can rely. Here are some other tips for taking care of your knees.

Avoid High-Impact Exercises

Exercises that generate a considerable impact can often cause knee pain. You may find that if your chiropractor has reduced or eliminated your knee pain with adjustments, your discomfort could return after certain exercises. If you're active, evaluate whether your chosen activities have a high impact or low impact. Step aerobics, for example, can have a high impact, as can jogging. Conversely, an activity such as walking has a low impact, while exercises such as bicycling and swimming have virtually no impact to your joints. By making the necessary changes to your workout routine, you can lessen the likelihood that your knee pain returns.

Strengthen Your Muscles

An effective way to strengthen your knees joints to prevent them from going out of alignment and needing a chiropractic adjustment is to strengthen the muscles around them. One of the perks of stronger muscles is that they can hold your joints in better alignment. You can strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves through a series of exercises. Your chiropractor may be able to recommend certain exercises for you. Squats, for example, which you can perform without any weight or while holding free weights, serve to strengthen your quads.

Bend Your Knees While Standing

Some people have a habit of locking their knees while they stand upright. Over prolonged periods of standing in this manner, you can develop knee pain — even if your knees have been feeling free of pain since your last visit to the chiropractor. When you're standing, try to assess the position of your knees. If they're locked, try to simply unlock them. You don't need to bend your knees dramatically; just slightly unlocking them will be enough to reduce your risk of pain. If you have specific questions about caring for your knees, make sure to consult your chiropractor during your next appointment.

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