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3 Tips To Improve Your MRI Experience

In order for your doctor to determine if you have sustained an injury to the soft tissue of your body, an MRI may be needed. An MRI allows your doctor to see inside of your body without opening you up in order to make a proper diagnosis. Preparing for an MRI properly is important when it comes to the quality of the images produced during the procedure.

Here are three simple things that you can do in order to improve your MRI experience in the future.

1. Wear comfortable cotton clothing.

Many people dread the thought of changing into a hospital gown, and these gowns can cause some people to feel uncomfortable throughout their procedure. If you want to remain as comfortable as possible throughout your MRI, then you should wear cotton clothing to your appointment.

Be sure to check for any metal on the ties of your shorts, since metal can interfere with the MRI process. By wearing cotton clothing to your appointment, you avoid the need to change into a hospital gown and can remain more comfortable throughout the procedure.

2. Bring along some music.

An MRI can take a significant amount of time to complete, and many people find that having music to listen to throughout the procedure can help the time go by faster. Bringing along a collection of music that you find relaxing will help you feel more at ease throughout your MRI.

The technician conducting the MRI will be able to play your music through the loudspeaker in your procedure room, or you will be provided with headphones that allow you to drown out the loud banging sounds created by the MRI machine while it is in use.

3. Ask your doctor for an oral sedative.

Many people are surprised to discover that an MRI can require them to lie still inside of a small magnetic tube for an extended period of time. If you suffer from any type of claustrophobia, the MRI process can be challenging.

In order to ensure that you are able to relax and remain still throughout your MRI so that the technician can capture clear images of your soft tissue, you may want to consider asking your doctor for an oral sedative. The sedative can be used to help alleviate your claustrophobia, making your MRI more bearable.

Increasing your comfort level during an MRI makes it easier to obtain clean images that your doctor can use for diagnostic purposes. Try wearing your own cotton clothing, bringing along some music, and asking for an oral sedative the next time your doctor suggests that you receive an MRI.

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