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Understanding The Egg Donation Process: Is It Right For You?

If you're unable to produce healthy eggs, but would still love to have the experience of carrying a baby and becoming a mother, egg donation could be a suitable alternative option for you. Before you dive into the process, you should be aware of exactly what this process entails. Although certain steps must be taken to ensure the best possible outcome occurs, they are steps worth taking if it means you'll get to conceive the baby you've always wanted to have.

Choose the Ideal Donor

There are a number of women who may choose to donate their eggs to help other women with conception. These women come from different walks of life and are of different races, religions, and educational backgrounds.  Because there are so many women who now donate their eggs to help other people start families, it's important for you to learn more about them and their characteristics before you decide on the woman you'd like to receive your eggs from.

Many women prefer to choose a woman who has physical characteristics that are slightly similar to the character they possess. You may want someone of the same ethnicity or you might not be very picky at all. Aside from the physical features, you may want to know a little bit more about the educational backgrounds of different donors. There's a chance you'd prefer to use eggs that come from a highly-educated woman with the physical characteristics that are most attractive to you.

Wait For Fertilization to Take Place

Once you've selected a donor, the process can get started. The medical professionals at the egg donor clinic would focus on retrieving the eggs from the donor of your choice if they haven't already been retrieved and then fertilizing them with your partner's sperm. Once the process is complete, it's time to implant those fertilized eggs.

Go Through the IVF Procedure

You may have waited patiently for the egg retrieval and the fertilization process to take place. Now it's your turn to undergo a procedure that is meant to help you conceive the baby you might have always wanted. The fertilized eggs are inserted inside of the uterus. You'll likely receive light sedation while the procedure is in progress. Although there is no guarantee that this will lead to a healthy pregnancy for you, the chances of getting pregnant are much higher than they were before. You may be able to get pregnant after the first IVF treatment.

Egg donation is a wonderful thing. If you're not producing your own eggs, but you want to start a family, this is something you should talk about with your partner. If the two of you agree that it's the right decision, you may want to get the process started. 

Contact a medical office like Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine for more information and assistance.