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3 Considerations When Choosing An Abdominal Skin Removal Procedure

After losing a significant amount of weight, it is common to have residual concerns over excess skin, especially in your abdominal area. Fortunately, skin removal surgery is an excellent plastic surgery tool to make your more comfortable with your new figure.

Lifestyle Changes

If you are a woman, whether you have children or want them in the future can affect the type of procedure you choose. Generally, if you want an abdominoplasty, which also involves tightening of the abdominal muscles, it is best to wait until you have completed your family. Becoming pregnant after an abdominoplasty will often undo parts of the procedure, even if you did not experience significant weight gain during pregnancy. Unfortunately, you might find you have a lower abdominal pouch because pregnancy frequently stretches out the abdominal muscles. A simpler form of skin removal surgery, such as a panniculectomy, may be an option even if you want to have children later but do not want to delay surgery.

Your Body Shape

For people who carried most of their excess weight throughout their abdomen, even an abdominoplasty may not give them the desired results. A variant of the abdominoplasty, called the fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty, is a better option for people who are more apple shaped. When you carry more weight in your abdomen and lose a significant amount of weight, you may find that in addition to excess skin on your lower abdomen, you might have additional folds of loose skin above your belly button. With the fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty, the surgeon does a standard horizontal incision on your lower abdomen but also does a vertical incision from your upper abdomen to meet the horizontal incision. This allows them to reduce the amount of loose skin all over the abdomen.

Loose Skin On Your Back

If you had issues with back fat, you likely have loose skin on your back after weight loss. For people who were more apple-shaped, the fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty is also a good choice to minimize the excess skin on their back. The vertical incision allows the surgeon to bring the two sides together, which also tightens the skin on the back during the process. If you did not have larger areas of fat on your back, you may be able to reduce loose skin in this area without an additional procedure. Some surgeons perform a circumferential body lift, which not only improves loose skin on the abdomen but since the skin above the incision is pulled downward, the back is also tightened.

There are several factors you need to consider before having surgery to remove excess skin on your abdomen. Choosing the procedure that will give you the most benefits will help you be more satisfied with the end result.