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Considerations When Choosing Breast Implants

Breast implants remain one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. As implant technology improves, patients have more control over the aesthetics of their implants. Choosing the right combination of features for your needs and ideal figure will give you the desired result.


Not only does implant size affect the aesthetics of your breasts, but it can affect your quality of life after surgery. Although significantly larger implants can seem ideal, there are drawbacks to choosing large implants. Everyone's body is different, and some people who choose significantly larger implants may develop neck and back pain because of the added weight on their chest. At worst, large implants can make it difficult to breathe while lying flat or make it harder for your chest to expand during inhaling. Lifestyle is another important factor when considering implant size. If you are very active and engage in high-impact activities, smaller implants may be more comfortable, and it is also easier to find a supportive sports bra for exercise.


The profile of implants can make a considerable difference in the final result of your surgery. Implants are made in varying profiles from low to extra-high. The profile of an implant is how much the breast projects from the chest wall and is not the same as implant size. Implants with lower profiles have a wider base, whereas those that are high-profile have a narrower base and project further from the chest.

The profile will make a considerable difference in how natural your implants look and their overall shape. If you want a natural-looking implant, lower-profile implants create the most natural look but have less fullness at the top of the breast. High-profile implants look less like natural breasts because they are quite rounded and create significant fullness at the top of the breast. Although the right profile for your body is a matter of preference, certain profiles are geared more toward certain body types. Low to moderate-profile implants work best on a wider range of body types.


Implant shapes come in either round or teardrop. Round implants come in a wider range of profiles, such as extra-high. Since round implants do not mimic the typical breast shape, it is not ideal for people who want a natural look. The shape of round implants gives significant fullness at the top of the breast. Implant placement can be manipulated to allow the cleavage to sit higher or lower on the chest. Teardrop implants are often preferred for a more natural breast shape. The top of the breast slopes downward and has more fullness at the bottom.

There are several factors that affect the final aesthetic of your breast implants. Carefully choosing the right combination of characteristics will improve your satisfaction with your new figure.

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