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What Patients Should Expect From Car Accident Injury Treatment

Auto accident injury treatment can be one of the most difficult tasks a person will ever tackle. If someone is preparing to go to an accident injury clinic for care, they might be unsure what to expect. You can expect the following process when you visit a car accident injury clinic.


The first job is for the professionals at the clinic to do the initial intake and assess your medical condition. Even if doctors and specialists have assessed your situation, the folks at the accident injury clinic will want to get the most current take. This may include ordering diagnostics like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to identify the extent of your injuries. You can also use the gained information to deal with insurers and attorneys if you're filing a claim.

Someone will also discuss your medical history. They will need to know if you've had any adverse reactions to certain medications. If you have any addiction concerns, this is the time to present those. You will also want to mention any conditions that might affect your healing process, such as immune diseases or bone disorders.

Pain Management

Most patients requiring auto accident injury treatment have pain management issues. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to approach pain management. A doctor might provide prescriptions to alleviate pain, especially if the person suffers breakthrough pain that isn't easily controlled with OTC measures. Similarly, they may prescribe assistive devices like braces, canes, or walkers. Mobility devices like wheelchairs or scooters are sometimes useful, too.

Physical therapy is an option, especially for teaching a patient how to move their body to minimize pain. There may be other non-invasive options, such as acupuncture, hot and cold therapy, nerve stimulation, and massage. Mind-body treatments also sometimes help individuals regulate their pain perceptions. Likewise, lifestyle changes may take some pressure off the person's major pain points. Chiropractic care is also common.

Treatment Plan

Working with the team at a car accident injury clinic, the goal is to develop a treatment plan. Ideally, the patient will have the opportunity to regain strength through exercises and physical therapy. Training will be necessary to improve flexibility and mobility, too.

Notably, the treatment plan has to be realistic relative to the person's rate of healing. The clinic staff will try to find the right balance between encouraging progress and maintaining gains. The goal is to avoid re-injury so the person can sustain improvements.

Adjustments may be necessary as the staff sees what the patient's progress is. Eventually, you'll move into a follow-up phase where doctors see how you're sustaining improvements. For more information on car accident injury treatment, contact a professional near you.